Solar Power For Home – Build Your Own Solar Panels Easy, Cheap and Fast

You are searching for alternative renewable energy source to supplement and eventually replace your power grid supply. Yet you are constantly put off by what you hear about expensive solar panels in the market, and you are not alone. Many have shelved their home solar energy projects simply due to the high installation cost of the panels by professionals. It is no wonder, as ready made panels could cost as high as 3000 dollars per piece.Never let the solar companies stand in the way of your objectives. Some early adopters of homemade solar power have achieved great success and are sharing their experience with like-minded individuals online. Renewable energy guide books are now available over the internet.How Easy Is It To Build Your Own Solar Panels For Home.Homemade Solar Panels guides come with comprehensive manual of instructions, pre designed diagrams and checklist of required parts and directions on where to find the parts. Most of the parts needed for making your own solar panels are common items easily available at your local friendly neighborhood hardware store. The few more authentic guides include step by step videos featuring the critical stages of the process. In addition, good guide packages will also include free access to member forums for you to participate, share and learn from likeminded members as well as for the guide creator to answer any of your queries. You are also eligible for free lifetime updates on your solar energy kit.How Cheap Is A Home Made Solar Power System.Total cost for all the parts should not exceed 200 dollars which is a far cry from the ready made solar panels costing as high as 3000 dollars per piece. This is your first initial investment savings of 2800 dollars per panel. An even more wonderful surprise comes when you receive your next utility bill, at a cut of 80 percent or more. Note that this is constant savings on a monthly basis throughout the lifespan of your solar panels. And you would think that the instruction manual is expensive. Think again, as a good manual usually cost less than a good meal.How Fast Can You Set Your System Up.For a weekend of your time, you would have set up your homemade solar panel system and put it to work. Not to mention the fun and educational experience for your entire family too.So begin your long term utility cost saving project now, build your own solar panels and start saving 80 percent on your bills.

Kit Homes – Just What is a Kit Home and Will it Work For You?

Kit Homes have been around for decades. You’ve likely heard of them. You’ve likely even seen some without even realizing it. But, what exactly are they, how do they work, and will they do the job for you?As human beings in a busy, complicated world, we yearn for simplicity. Those “Easy Button” television ads appeal to this basic need. And for a home building project, we instinctively want the home building kit to be just that kind of answer. A way to get a nice home at a good price … without so much hassle.Home Building Package in a KitI wish there was just one quick explanation that would cover the gamut of what a kit home is exactly. I can, however, give you a broad description that will serve you.First of all, a kit home is basically a package of home building components that is delivered to your building site. It needs to be erected on your site. These packages generally consist of the following:
House plans, blueprints, schematics (sometimes your plans can be used.)
90 to 99% of the lumber need for the home’s construction
Lumber is pre-measured, pre-cut and pre-assembled into framing sections
Major building material items are typically included like; roofing, siding, windows, doors, cabinets, finishing trim. Even drywall in some cases
Sometimes financing or access to financing is included
Most KitHome Packages Require Additional MaterialsThere are definitely omissions in every kit home package. Not every package is the same so you need to research carefully to determine what needs to be purchased in addition to what you’re getting. Here’s what the average package often excludes:
The building site (goes without saying perhaps but I note it anyway!)
The foundation for the home. (Rarely are the materials provided for this.)
The mechanicals (like plumbing, electrical, heating & air, fixtures, etc.)
Finishing items (like floor coverings, paint, light fixtures, counter tops.)
On site labor to construct the home (up to you and the professionals you hire.)
In almost all cases, no onsite labor is included. Yet, in almost all cases, there is a significant amount of labor required. In most cases, skilled professionals are required to complete construction. It’s not a do-it-yourself project for the novice.Is it For You?My recommendations center around personal research on your part. Nope, no “Easy” button, unfortunately. But, on the positive side, it’s easier than ever before to research these companies online from the comfort of your own home. Try Googling “kit homes”, packaged homes, prefab homes, and panelized homes for starters.Once you do enough research and you’ve developed some good questions, it’s time to start calling these companies and comparing service, pricing, and what’s included in their packages.As always, I recommend using a personal home building coach, but that’s a story for another article.